CardCodez Will Introduce Stripe Direct Connect in Early 2018

This is just a notification of GREATER things to come, but future action WILL be REQUIRED for merchants using CardCodez. Since 2015 CardCodez has been using Stripe Connect as our seamless payment gateway. This was the perfect solution for us to provide a seamless credit card processing and direct-deposit system for our software for almost 2 years.

Unfortunately we’ve been experiencing more and more issues with Stripe Connect, and as the ‘mediator’ between you (the merchant) and Stripe (the payment processor), Stripe has made our job almost impossible these past few months. We’ve had payment connection issues, refunds, and duplicate charges that have been extremely difficult (some impossible) for us to correct as being in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, Stripe is THE BEST payment processing platform available…

…but only if you can work with them directly.

Thus, we are changing our platform to work with Stripe direct connect moving forward. That means you’ll have direct contact to Stripe, and we will no longer be in the middle – clouding the waters, or being unable to take direct action on your behalf. This change will take place in the next few weeks (most likely the 1st or 2nd week in 2018). We will notify all CardCodez merchants when this change will occur, and provide instructions on what you need to do in order to continue using CardCodez for your business.

Software Updates: What’s New in CardCodez This Month?

September has been a busy month for our development team. We’ve added a ton of new features, and can’t wait to share them with you!

1. Customize Your Store URL

You can now customize your store URL (ex. on your Store Settings page. Be sure to claim your custom store URL now!